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Box sash window frames are mainly used in old building restorations and it is a typology that we have an expertise. Today’s technology offers us to be able to tilt the required window sash in order to have an easier cleaning option. It is also possible to fix the window sash at desired vertical position by using special balances, which are produced specifically for each window sash weight. In this way, the user can keep the required position and have an air ventilation gap. The balances that used for the sashes have a radius between 16-26 mm and have a capacity of carrying 50 kg maximum weight. The isolation problems are solved thanks to specially designed brushes, seals and profile details. Today, these windows are also preferred to be used on new buildings as well.

  • Box sash window frames make a better interior air circulation comparing with classic window frames.
  • Sashes do not hit the walls or move due to air flow and wind effect reasons.
  • Due to not opening as a normal window sash, it gives advantage by not taking up indoor space.