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Period Pollux
Period Pollux

In PeriodPollux, sash and glass are used as one component.

The sash thickness reduced to 56 mm here and it works with the glass as behaving like a part of mechanism in the case. By this way, sagging problems are solved due to preventing displacements on the sash. Other then these, PeriodPollux has a more modern appearance due to itsÔÇÖ sharp edges comparing with other window frame profiles.

Consequently, some of the following advantages of PeriodPollux are given below;

  • Opportunity to have up to 20% daylight, heat and view due to low thickness of sash profile.
  • Possibility to apply aluminum coverings on the surface of window case and have less maintenance with PolluxAluminum.
  • Opportunity to have one aluminum profile outside of the case due to window sash and glass working as one component.
  • Opportunity to apply up to 150 cm width. End to sash sagging!
  • Better heat insulation up to 20%.
  • Possibility to apply 28 mm and 36 mm glass thickness with PeriodPollux profile.
  • Improvement for noise insolation by 5 dB.
  • Opportunity of faster fixing in construction sites.
  • Taking advantage of glass carriage feature by the lower pressure on the corner intersections of case and sash profile.