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PWF Wooden Window Frame and Door System’s technical properties and production process as follows;

Wooden Window Frame and Door Systems production starts with the right and qualified log selection firstly at PeriodPWF. These selected logs are cut in rift grain and distributed in various dimensions and send to drying process afterwards. Wood species such as pine or equivalent are being impregnated in order to gain protection against water and woodworms.


After drying process these pieces are laminated in 3-layer forms by pressing and turned into block profiles. During lamination process, pieces are pressed by bringing grains opposite to each other. In this way, bending of the manufactured wooden window frame will be prevented over time.


Pieces which come to this stage are calibrated with machinery and cut into required lengths with the necessary profile. Furthermore, these profiles assemble together from corners by using polyurethane based special glue in order to resist and be durable for exceeding weights.


Afterwards, assembled window frames are coated by water-based paints and also being protected from exterior factors. Later, the necessary mechanism is fixed on the window frame depending on the required type. EPDM seals are being used against heat, water and noise durable on the produced window frames, also rain water is directed outside by using aluminum droppers.


Double-glazed glasses are also being used and fixed by using hidden nails under the glazing bead. Ecofriendly PWF Wooden Window Frame and Door Systems offer an esthetic appearance, long-time usage and energy savings with qualified and healthy life by having functional solutions, durable construction, special accessories and rich color options.