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PeriodPWF brings together the new generation IV68 wood-aluminum series windows with its’ users. Combination of the exterior modern structure of aluminum and the interior warmness of wood in this system eliminates the maintanence costs while creating the opportunity to use wood in high and modern buildings for designers. PeriodPWF protects windows from possible exterior effects such as heat, rain and wind by the use of wood-aluminum window system. By using the air gaps between the aluminum and wood, timber keeps its natural insulation structure and continues to breath.

High insulation rates are provided by using special double TSP-Foam gaskets. The profiles can be applied in classic and sliding window systems. By using various aluminum profiles, it is possible to make decorative windows. Aluminum profiles can be produced in different colors and details depending on the project.

Ecofriendly PWF Wooden Window Frame and Door Systems offer an esthetic appearance, long-time usage and energy savings with qualified and healthy life by having functional solutions, durable construction, special accessories and rich color options.