Hatam1 yaq1land\ŤXH´╗┐ WOODEN BLIND SHUTTER | Wooden Window and Door Systems

We carry the nature of wood to blinds shutters. Wooden blind shutters form by a combination of wooden lamellas embedded to each other one by one. It also has a security purpose as well. The wooden blind shutters can be manufactured up to 350 cm long. Moreover;

  • Smooth working principle by specialized blind engines depending on the weight of the system,
  • Opportunity to program the system by using remote control and buttoned options,
  • Chance to include barrier detection input for security purposes,
  • Applicable to all window and door openings at all possible buildings in case blind box is mounted,
  • Providing maximum daylight control by stopping the blind at any desired position,
  • Opportunity to reach at the comfort temperature due to the breathing and heat insolation characteristics of wood features are offered to the users.